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For Congress

NY District 10

My pledge to you: 

Walk every residential street to listen to voters; only take small contributions; craft pragmatic solutions to Local and National issues, using my expertise in Economics, Climate Change, and Foreign Policy. No drama, no grandstanding.

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Image by Alexander Grey

Affordability & Housing

Our fiscal policies tend to focus on short-term needs. I propose addressing ignored problems and trimming wasteful tax breaks to support priorities for New Yorkers:

  • Create an independent commission to make Social Security sustainable

  • Develop a national plan for massively funding affordable housing at 30-40% AMI

  • Transfer NYCHA housing ownership to long-term residents

  • Propose a law which will tie all corporate tax breaks to achieving clear social, economic and environmental objectives

  • Reinstate the SALT tax deduction, the absence of which is hurting New Yorkers

  • Reinstate the child tax credit and support universal 3-K

  • Increase the corporate tax rate from 21% to 25~28% to fund new programs

Forest Fire

Climate Change &
Healthy Environment

President Biden’s climate policies are a fantastic first step but much more is needed. To accelerate the transition while creating jobs, I will propose an Inflation Reduction Act 2.0 which will: 

  • Financially support the purchase of energy-saving equipment by industry, real estate and farming

  • Tie provisions in the tax code to encouraging the transition

  • Encourage banks to improve their underwriting standards and incorporate energy costs

  • Develop a national plan to cut the use of plastics

  • Phase-out gas-powered engines where already economic, starting with leaf-blowers and scooters

  • Double the school lunch budget to include healthy local produce

  • Discourage the over-use of fertilizers in farming

  • Support and expand the MTA/ public transportation

  • Regulate dangerous commercial e-bikes

Image by Louis Velazquez

Democracy &
Political Reform

The role of money in politics robs our voice and is a leading cause of our lack of confidence in Congress. Meaningful reforms are key to reverting to a normally functioning democracy. Democrats should lead by example and actively push to institute some of the following changes, in all local, state and Federal elections:

  • Open primaries 

  • Ranked choice voting

  • Gerrymandering ban

  • Campaign finance reform

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