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Meet Bruno

Democratic Candidate for Congress: NY District 10 

Bruno's career has revolved around analyzing and resolving complex challenges in international strategy consulting, entrepreneurship, and investment management. For 20 years, he has focused on industries that are at the center of the climate crisis. He is currently supporting startups developing new solutions to tackle climate change, an area he is very passionate about.

Bruno is not afraid of a challenge: he compressed six years of studies into four, was the sole foreigner at a martial arts dojo in Japan, learned Spanish to communicate with his spouse's family, ran his first marathon at age 16, completed an Ironman and hiked 1,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail.

He was raised bilingual by an American mother and a French father in a small rural town in France. There, he developed a deep appreciation of nature, a keen interest in politics, and an insatiable curiosity about world affairs. His undergraduate thesis at Tufts was on Labor Unions, and at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, his studies included comparative voting systems. Fascinated by Asia, Bruno spent 18 months on a scholarship at Keio University comparing Japan’s business structure to that of the US. He has worked globally ever since.

Bruno and Mercedes live in Park Slope where their children attended local public schools. They have been members of the Food Coop for 25 years.  While their son attended Brooklyn Tech, Bruno chaired the parent-led School Leadership Team. Following months of voter canvassing for Joe Biden and other Democrats, Bruno had a major insight: winning elections in swing states, though critical, is simply not enough. What is also needed is realistic and achievable political reform to tone-down hyper-partisanship!

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